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Calming Colouring: The benefits of adult colouring books

Adult colouring books have had a massive surge in popularity over the last few years, and, in my opinion, it's no great secret why. I love my colouring books, and they've certainly kept me busy (and quiet) during the lockdown period. I'd built up quite a collection over the years, courtesy of my lovely family and friends buying them for me as gifts, and it's nice to actually get round to using them.

Now, some of you might be thinking 'why is a grown adult wasting time colouring in someone else's pictures? Isn't it a bit childish?'. And yes, you could argue it is quite childish. However, getting out your felt tip pens and doing some colouring creates a wonderful sense of childhood nostalgia, which I personally find quite comforting. But, it's certainly not a waste of time. Colouring books can create separation from reality; a chance to completely switch off and forget about everything going on in the world as you concentrate only on the image in front of you. Hence why they are often associated with mindfulness, de-stressing, and other psychological benefits. Also, they are suitable for anyone, regardless of artistic talent or ability. All you have to do really is colour between the lines (unless you're my husband, who can't even manage that!)

As well as completing my colouring books, I have used my free time productively and come up with some designs of my own to share with you. Some are for 'grown ups' and some are for children, including a couple of colouring challenges. Feel free to print these pictures at home and colour them in yourselves; but please do share any photos of your finished coloured pictures to the Laetitia Facebook page (@LaetitiaEvents20).

Happy colouring!


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